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As the summer of 2020 waned, feeling isolated and somewhat overwhelmed by the pandemic and seeking a way to keep myself feeling positive and productive, I ordered a huge supply of canvases and set myself a goal of completing 144 12x12 oils on canvas.  With subject - and often style - unplanned in advance, I decided to paint whatever appealed to me on a given day, to experiment, have fun, and maybe learn something, with no pressure to create a masterpiece every time I picked up a brush.  These paintings were for me, a catharsis.  Self portrait of myself in Paris, why not?  Fruit, vegetables, flowers?  Night scenes and interiors and closeups of shells found on the beach on a winter morning walk?  All that and some whimsy thrown into the mix.  In front of the easel I found my work becoming looser and more spontaneous, my hand surer.  Now well on my way to finishing this project I’ve discovered a fresh new joy in painting and a curiosity where this will take me even after it’s done.  In a cloudy time, 12x12x12x12 became a silver lining and I’m delighted to present it to you.


 These are the first 36 paintings - the first completed September 11, 2020, the last on December 11th - and I will be posting the next 36 soon.  Most are available for sale starting at $1000 plus frame and shipping, please contact me at if interested in purchasing.

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