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These are the last 36 paintings in my 12x12x12x12 Challenge - 144 12x12 oils on canvas - a project I set myself to keep working on and enthusiastic about making  art during the pandemic. The first was completed August 19, 2021, the last on December 30, 2021.   Subjects range from local - our houses, various locations in Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet, including Day's Cottages, Porchfest and Route 6,  Land's End Inn (where Brian O'Malley and I stayed after our September wedding on the beach), Poor Richard"s Landing, and Mary Heaton Vorse House, to further afield - Monhegan Island, Maine, where we spent our honeymoon, Bennington, Vermont,  Boston's North End, and Monet's kitchen in Giverny.   The challenge worked - I never got bored with the prospect of another painting to do, just the opposite... it gave me hope when things seemed bleak and I learned a great deal about my craft (and myself).   Most paintings are still available for sale at $1000 plus frame and shipping, please contact me at if interested in purchasing.

                                             And most of all - thank you for accompanying me on this journey!

Heading 1


Tomatoes in Green Bowl

Small Title

Howie's House


For Brian (Red Party) NFS

Trailing Yew

Wash Day SOLD

House on the Bend


Two Chimneys

  Room Seventeen (Monhegan House)


Red Icon


Overlook SOLD

Keeper's House


Full Moon Rising III SOLD

Essentials II

Nocturne in Silver & Gold


Waiting for the T

North End


Front Door SOLD

PRL #10

To Beach Point

The Bar



Oyster House

Kitchen Window MHV

Red Fireplace MHV SOLD

Monet's Kitchen

Land's End



Finale NFS

Howie"s Place

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