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Mary's House

Mary Heaton Vorse’s house at 466 Commercial St. in Provincetown.  Mary was born into a wealthy family on October 11, 1874.  After trying her hand at art in Paris and New York City, Mary turned to professional writing, with the encouragement of her first husband, Albert White “Bert” Vorse.  Mary is considered one of the most important labor journalists of the 1920s and 1930s, and received the first UAW Social Justice Award.  She also was at the forefront of the women’s rights movement.  The Vorses moved to Provincetown in 1906.  Mary helped found the Provincetown Players in 1915.  Over her career, she published 16 books, 2 plays and more than 400 articles and stories in most of America’s leading journals.  She had three children for whom she was the sole provider, having been twice widowed and written out of her mother’s will because of her progressive lifestyle.   She died when she was 92, on June 14, 1966, at her beloved Provincetown home.  “I am trying for nothing so hard in my own personal life as how not to be respectable when married.” (Mary Heaton Vorse)


10 x 10

Oil on Linen


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