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Silver Swirls

Beachscape on a clear day with swirly grey clouds.  The Flagship restaurant, built on pilings with a porthole door, was known for its bar made from an old fishing dory.  Anthony Bordain had his first dishwashing job there.  It had been the studio and school of E. Ambrose Webster, a founder of the art colony, and a pioneer of Modernism on the outer cape.  Kibby Cook’s wharves, used for fitting out whalers and bankers, were here. The Beachcombers have their clubhouse here.  The HCE gallery, known as being on the cutting edge of abstract art, had a beachfront gallery on this strip in the 1950-60s. Towering above is the Ice House, which was a five story cold storage facility for Provincetown’s once-thriving fishing industry.  A homage to Provincetown’s past and present.


10 x 10

Oil on Linen


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