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   Here is the second batch of 36 paintings in my 12x12x12x12 Challenge - 144 12x12 oils on canvas - a way to keep myself productive, to learn and stretch during the Covid epidemic.  The first was completed December 11, 2020, the last on May 14th, 2021 - and I will be posting the next 36 soon.  From a series of self-portraits and my favorite pair of Bean Boots (red is my favorite color) to shells on the beach below my house and scenes from the Schooner Regatta, just like the first thirty six these are the subjects that grabbed me on any given day.  Some were purely play, some a real challenge.  I'm still discovering  joy and looking forward to each new painting. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have creating them.  Most are available for sale starting at $1000 plus frame and shipping, please contact me at if interested in purchasing.

Heading 1


Small Title

Tomatoes on Green Plate

Fruit Bowl

End of the Day

Gold Earring

I'll Always Have Paris

Beauty Mark



First Snow

Yellow Door

Night Snow


Corner of Cook

Approaching 444

Bean Boots             SOLD

Oranges on Red Plate

Donna Marie at Night


Claude's Kitchen

Next Three Exits.              SOLD


Bradford Hotel              SOLD

The Point

Patriot's Day -           SOLD

Milk and Cookies


Tomatoes in Green Bowl

Still Life, Night



Reaching - Regatta II

Fences II

Coffee Pot

Regatta II

Regatta III                    SOLD

Hatches Harbor


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